How to Regrow Hair Naturally

Nov 16, 2022 | Reclaim Wellness And Beauty | 0 comments

Is your hair not as thick as it once was? You’re not alone. Almost everyone will experience some form of hair loss as they age. And not only do we lose it more quickly, but hair also doesn’t grow back as quickly either because many hair follicles stop producing new hairs. But just because you’re aging doesn’t mean you need to say goodbye to a youthful head of hair.

Using Light Therapy and Microneedling, we can trigger your follicles to regrow hair in as little as eight weeks!

To begin, we recommend a consultation where we can assess your individual situation and develop a treatment plan. As Chinese Medicine is personalized medicine, the exact treatments and results will vary by patient. 

Typically, treatments will entail a combination of Microneedling and Light Therapy. Microneedling will stimulate your hair follicles, improve circulation in your scalp, and increase blood flow, creating a healthier environment for hair to grow. We apply a serum made with Swiss apple stem cells scientifically proven to activate epidermal cells (the outer layer of skin, including the scalp). The microneedling increases the absorption of the serum by up to 3000%! 

A combination of blue and red Light Therapy works better than either treatment alone for hair regrowth. The blue light neutralizes bacteria, and increases hair density and thickness, while the red both promotes new hair growth and delays the time between the growth phase and the time the hair falls out, which means you’ll see less hair coming out in your brush or comb!

Patients are sent home with a special herbal shampoo and herbal spray that, used as directed, supports healthy hair. 

Patients who stick to their personalized treatment plan can see results in only eight weeks!

Are you ready for thicker, fuller hair? Contact us today for a free consultation!